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Bangladesh Marine Academy

Bangladesh Marine Academy 51 Batch Cadet Recruitment Exam 2014

Bangladesh Marine Academy 51 Batch Cadet Recruitment Exam 2014. Bangladesh Marine Academy has been invited application for 3(three) years training course for academic and professional course. Details of this 51 batch cadet recruitment 2014 are as follows:

Important Information:
Online Application process will be opened: 27 July 2014
Closing of online Application process: 31 August 2014
Marine Academy & Sonali Bank website. Tk. 1000/- to be deposited in Sonali Bank/ Bkash (charges are to pay by candidates)

Written examination� (MCQ): 19 Sept 2014
Place: Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi & Khulna Center name will be sent by mobile sms
Result of written (MCQ) examination will be published: 25 Sept 2014
Preliminary Physical Fitness Test commencement: 12-16 Oct 2014
Viva-Voce Examination commencement: 13 Oct 2014
Provisional Merit list publishes: 02 Nov 2014
Colour vision test and Medical Examination: 09 Nov 2014
Final Result publishes: 20 Nov 2014
Admission of selected candidates: 26-27 Nov 2014
Call from waiting list-Colour vision & medical test: 30 Nov 2014
Admission of waiting list Candidates: 04 Dec 2014
Joining of 51st Batch Cadets: 15 Feb 2015


A.   Eligibility of a candidate

i) Educational Qualifications

  1. SSC or equivalent  (Science) =>   Minimum GPA 3.5
  2. HSC or equivalent (Science) =>    Minimum GPA 3.5

In HSC, minimum grade in Physics & Mathematics is to be 3.50 individually. In English,

grade is to be minimum 3.00; however if it is less than 3.00, IELTS score 5.5 will be accepted.

3. A & O-Level :

a. A-level certificate in Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics (Minimum Grade ‘C’ individually )

b. O-level certificates in Five subjects including Physics, Chemistry, athematics and

English (Minimum Grade ‘C’ individually)


ii) Other Qualifications

  1. Age limit: Maximum 21 years on 31 December 2012 (Year of application). The date of birth is recognized as per S.S.C or equivalent examination certificate. Affidavit will not be accepted. Any candidate found to be over even by one day shall be rejected and no appeal against it shall be entertained.
  2. Nationality: Candidates must be male or female nationals of Bangladesh by birth or domicile as per national legislation duly certified by competent authority.

Foreign (male & female) applicants may also apply through their respective Embassies.

3.   Marital Status: Unmarried.

4.   Height: Male- 5′ -4” ; Female 5′ -2”

5.   Weight: Proportionate BMI

       B. Selection Steps

  1. Written Examination
  2. Preliminary Physical Fitness test
  3. Viva- Voce
  4. Eye-sight Test:
  5. Colour Vision Test:
  6. Medical Test
  1. Written Examination (In Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi & Khulna)

(a)    Subject: Physics, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge

(b)   Question Type: MCQ  (No. of Question; 50X4 = 200)

(c)    Duration: 2 hours for 4 subjects in one session (morning)



(a)    Written *                   : 80 Marks in each subject ( 50X1.6 = 80)

Total; 80 x 4 = 320

(b)   Viva-Voce *                : 80 Marks

*   [(40% pass marks in each subject) overall Pass mark is 50% that is 200 marks out of 400]

(c)    Certificate Marks        : 100 (SSC: 50, HSC: 50)

(d)   Total Marks                  : 500 marks (written & viva)

          2. Preliminary Physical Fitness Test: (Fit/ Unfit)


(a)    Push up (10 times);

(b)    Rope climb: 6 m

(c)    Race: 400 m (Max. time allowed: 3 min)

(d)   Standard swimming test 50 m and followed by floating 3 min.

           3. Viva-voce: Interview (80 Marks)

Area of assessment                           Weight

(a)         Personality                                         16
(b)        Speech & Expression                         16
(c)         Intelligence                                         16
(d)        Knowledge                                           16
(e)         Extra-curricular activities            16

            4. Eye-sight Test: Without glass 6/6 for Nautical Branch & up to 6/18 for Engineering Branch

            5. Color Vision Test: Normal; that is not colour blind 

            6. Medical Examination:  As prescribed by an approved medical board.

N.B : Final Selection will be based only on merit serial.

20 female cadets will be selected according to the merit serial of the female cadets.

Authority reserves the right to change anything mentioned here, if necessary.



                       3 years’ Pre-Sea Nautical Science for Nautical Cadets

3 years’ Pre-Sea Marine Engineering for Engineering Cadets

           Simultaneously from the National University:

                       3 years’ Bachelor of Maritime Science (Nautical) for Nautical Cadets

3 years’ Bachelor of Maritime Science (Engineering) for Engineering Cadets


24 months pre sea training at Academy followed by 12 months at Sea

(sea-service with salary)


           Pre-Sea Nautical Science certificate, or

Pre-Sea Marine Engineering certificate from the Academy


Bachelor of Maritime Science (Nautical/Engineering) Degree

from National University



i.  During training at Academy (initial two years) total costs for course fees, food, study materials

etc. are currently little over Tk.4,00000/- (four lac)

ii. Cadets will earn average $ 500 per month while at sea during 3rd year.

See Bangladesh Marine Academy 51 Batch Cadet Recruitment Exam 2014 below:


Result of 51 Batch Cadet Recruitment Examinations 2014 will be published in Bangladesh Marine Academy website (http://macademy.gov.bd/), in daily Newspapers and our website. Successful candidates will be sent sms to cell phone (registration). Letters will be sent to selected candidates for admission. Also sms will be sent.



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  1. How I pay 1000/- in sonali bank for 51th batch admission & how I apply by on line process?